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Prismatic Maze - Paternity Update!

Hey Everybody!

After over a year since our last update, we're publishing a new update for Prismatic Maze today!

The change includes a complete overhaul of our underlying state engine, a complete redesign of the mini-map system, the addition of a playback system with pace controls for maze growth and bug fixes.

You probably won't notice a lot of difference after this change, even though a ton of the back end systems were completely torn apart and rebuilt. The game should play a little smoother and faster, especially during maze creation.



* add console command: pop
* fix bug where Player was sometimes unable to pickup Pigment heart after saving during PLAY
* fix bug in console commands that take screenshots which sometimes took screenshots with console open
* fix bug where unhandled exception was thrown by Ghosts when saving while PowerPellet was active

* improve debugging for save errors

* fix an issue that prevented finishing maps due to not spawning dead Pigment creatures

* add console commands: sql, backup
* fix bug in upgrade database script that was preventing execution on mac

* add in-game debug console
* add console commands: collect, save, quit, screenshot, fps
* add Mac debug build

* fix bug that caused some tile subtype data to not get updated when position was not changed
* prevent spawning multiple explorers at once
* detect db version downgrades & gracefully fail loading newer-than-supported versions

* fix bug caused by asynchronously saving state while simultaneously starting new map creation (MGL->CreateNewMaze)
* minor update to last entry in update log

* hide map creation playback controls when map isn't visible
* redesign map creation playback controls w/ fast-backward icon & gradient slider
* store/load map creation playback controls in game config
* fix bug in create new map menu that was leaving step name empty when it should be "Ready"
* sort ingredients in blueprint info menu

* enable debugging of library code
* fix error in ghost chase logic
* prevent multiple loading scenarios caused by spamming menu buttons

1.14.6 - Paternity Update I
* rollup of updates since 7/9/2020
* full redesign of data access layer
* update minimap to dynamic texture
* add maze generation playback controls
* bug fixes

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